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Tax – Outsourcing – Payroll – Corporations – Organizational Consulting and Systems
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Consulting and Tax Compliance

Our firm believes that providing advisory services requires a proactive attitude towards seeking timely tax savings within a legal framework. We consider that settlement of tax duties starts before the end of every fiscal year; this enables appreciating their consequences and allows planning, while aiming at tax optimization.

Our services:

  • Legal and Tax advice, and business planning on matters related to regulations and/or international, national, provincial or municipal transactions.
  • Support and strategy design during inspections.
  • Confección y/o revisión de declaraciones juradas de cumplimiento mensual y/o anual.
  • Advice on national, provincial and municipal levies.
  • International tax planning.
  • Due diligence procedures related to the acquisition of companies.
  • Structuring of tax-free reorganizations.
  • Deferred tax calculations.
  • Analysis of tax positions for which recoverability is not deemed to be assured.
  • Recoverability of tax credits.
  • Recoverability of the balance of provincial taxes.
  • Advices on social security issues.

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Legal and Contentious Tax matters

Synergy between lawyers and accountants, which defines our firm, allows our Legal and Tax Advisory Division to provide grounded support on legal and tax matters, maximizing the analyses of the most efficient alternatives to minimize expenses and risks. This research may end up being key to design defense strategies or others to reduce contingencies.

In line with these objectives, our Legal and Tax Advisory Division offers clients a wide range of services, such as:

  • Defense of tax payers before the imposition of penalties (fines, business suspensions, registry exclusions, etc.) by tax authorities.
  • Carrying out proceedings before national, provincial and municipal revenue agencies.
  • Carrying out proceedings before the Argentine National Tax Court and the Tax Court of Appeals from the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Carrying out proceedings before federal and provincial law courts in all instances.
  • Submitting claims and proceedings for the recovery of overly-paid taxes.
  • Carrying out proceedings before the Argentine General Customs Office and judicial courts on customs matters.
  • Advice on regimes for the promotion of certain industries by the award of tax benefits and related matters.
  • Support on currency exchange matters.
  • Support on proceedings related to criminal-tax and criminal-currency exchange matters.
  • Design of strategies involving special procedural actions, such as seeking declaratory judgements, injunctions, legal protection proceedings for payment in arrears (amparo) and other protection proceedings.
  • Defense against claims for the enforcement of taxes.

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International Trade and Customs Law


We provide advice to local and international companies in its relationship with the Argentine Customs Service analyzing the in force regulations and possible contingencies.

We represent firms in customs procedures in any custom of the country, before the Tax Court (Tribunal Fiscal de la Nación), the Federal Court and the Supreme Court.


We work on strategic planning of the company’s foreign trade operations and internal audit of their foreign trade documents and procedures.


We work on the interpretation and implementation of trade agreements and arrangements, and we also advice on the impact on business of the relevant multilateral agreements: World Trade Organization (WTO), Mercosur Treaty, bilateral treaties in ALADI, etc.


Our services include analysis and strategic advice on a variety of trade matters, including:

  • Anti-dumping proceedings
  • Customs procedures, classification and customs value.
  • Rules of Origin and Tariff Preferences
  • Quantitative quotas and restrictions.
  • Import licenses and import licensing procedures.
  • Temporary import and export regime
  • Customs and disciplinary infractions.
  • Export refunds

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Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer Pricing has become one of the key areas of international taxation.
Hence, most countries have very strict TP rules and regulations in place so that tax authorities may make sure that the arms’ length standard is met in the transactions conducted between related parties.
Almost all Latin American countries, except for Paraguay, apply the principles and guidelines developed by the OECD.
Argentine laws have adopted similar parameters, but have extended controls to transactions carried out with persons residing in zero or low tax jurisdictions or non-cooperating jurisdictions, even when they are not related parties. It also includes some special controls on routed exports and imports (triangulations) and a Special Registry for Commodities exports.
GSHR provides a highly specialized service to advise on international planning, annual compliance requirements, assistance in dispute resolution and in the process for Advance Transfer Pricing agreements.

  • Compliance with Control Regulations

    • We prepare or revise Transfer Pricing Studies prepared by clients to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Studies include the comparability process, to which we apply the necessary rigor in order to minimize potential controversies with the tax authority.
    • Studies involve preparing the local file and the master file and the tax returns that should be filed.
    • We provide assistance with the obligations that should be complied with in routed import and export transactions and in registering transactions with commodities.
    • We prepare preliminary reports to assist in the design of transfer pricing policies for multinational groups.
    • We provide assistance in preparing the each “Country Report” and in fulfilling the reporting obligations applicable to the subsidiaries of multinational groups.
  • Regional Coordination

    • In the case of regional advisory services, the comparability analysis includes the balance and solvency of comparables for all countries inovlved.
    • Regional coordination allows us to get a wider view of international operations, sharing experiences across countries and achieving consistency in the transfer pricing policies of multinational companies.
  • Dispute resolution

    • We provide support to face tax examinations/audits and defend clients in litigation processes, including the design of strategies and the representation and advise before jurisdictional authorities.
  • Advance Pricing Agreements

    • We provide assistance to clients who file and apply for Joint Asessments for International Transaction Prices (DCPOI).

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Consulting and Advisory Services

Opinión sobre los aspectos generales y particulares, ofreciendo alternativas y herramientas para la toma de decisiones.

Settlement of wages, daily payments and social / tax contributions

  • Wage settlement and their social and tax contributions.
  • Preparation of confidential payrolls.
  • Preparation and issuance of pay slips.
  • Issuance of signed and sealed payroll ledger.
  • Preparation of accounting entries.
  • Issuance of special reports at companies’ request.
  • Support in case of employment termination.
  • Projection of employment expenses and/or payments.
  • Advice to companies on inspections carried out by tax agencies and/or answer to filing requirements of regulatory agencies.

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Our firm uses efficient operative formulas for the outsourcing of processes. Our services include the following:

Administrative processes

  • Setting administrative circuits.
  • Invoicing.
  • Treasury.
  • Inventory taking.

Accounting, employment and tax matters

  • Accounting.
  • Financial analyses and settlements.
  • Budget control.
  • Monthly reports.
  • Tax and duty settlement.
  • Payroll and social security duties settlement.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Corporations” icon=”fa-chevron-right”]


Consulting and y Advisory Services

  • Offering opinions on general and specific matters, presenting alternatives and tools to take decisions.


  • Companies’ incorporation and registration, joint ventures and business and industry associations.
  • Modification of corporate Bylaws.
  • Corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and dissolutions: document preparation and carrying out of proceedings before Regulatory Agencies.
  • Writing of minutes of Meetings of Boards of Directors and Shareholders’ Meetings.
  • Experience on bankruptcy proceedings.

[/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Business Consulting and Systems” icon=”fa-chevron-right”]

Business Consulting and Systems

  • Our team of professional experts has relevant experience on complex projects acquired by working with important multinational companies and international consulting agencies.
  • We provide a comprehensive view of highly complex projects.
  • The firm manages consulting projects aimed at organizing companies and other entities.
  • We design and provide support to companies during resizing and reorganization.
  • We use specific methodology for the execution of management control projects, progress reports and control panels.
  • Our team develops projects for the implementation of administrative, commercial, human resources, supply and industrial systems using different platforms (such as SAP, ORACLE, JDEDWARDS, META 4).

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Wealth Management & Family Office

GSHR provides services designed for each family group to trust the firm with their wealth management, acting as back office for their “corporate family”.
Therefore, the firm provides a comprehensive service that includes all its knowledge, experience and expertise, solidly focused on achieving:

  • Effective organized and centralized familiar corporate governance.
  • Proper and efficient administration and preservation of assets.
  • Strategies designed specifically for each “corporate family” according to their own objectives on asset management and optimization and protection of their assets.
  • Close guidance by experienced multidisciplinary professionals for the design and implementation of efficient legal and fiscal structures.
  • Exclusive attention from our partners to achieve economic and psycho-social welfare of the “corporate family”.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive and agreed-upon solutions to each family group, which we consider is a basic strategy to avoid contingencies and patrimonial risks, as well as to optimize the management of the assets involved.

In order to succeed, our firm complies with very high confidentiality and data protection standards which are not only guaranteed from the point of view of our “values” (non-disclosure), but also from a technological aspect whereby GSHR has adopted state of the art measures using cloud computing, encryption and codified access tools.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]