Leaders in rendering value added services

Our firm

We are a top leader firm providing Financial Consulting, Outsourcing, Payroll, Corporate, Business Consulting and Systems services with over 30 years of professional experience.

Among the key factors that have contributed to our consistent development, the most critical are providing timely support to companies and our professional excellence, coupled with our personal commitment and dedication. Causing this impact, the firm is currently renowned in the market, making many important companies request our advisory services for the different areas we provide services for. This is possible due to the level of involvement and experience provided by our partners and the multidisciplinary and dedicated staff of professionals working at the firm.

Our motto is that excellence can always exceed expectations.

GSHR Presentation

• A professional life that guarantees our capacities and efficiency.

• The vast knowledge on matters on which we provide our advice, and the local and international business environment where our clients develop.

• A working methodology which includes carrying out detailed analyses at affordable costs.

• Efficient and timely personalized assistance. Instead of providing an impersonal and standardized structure, we offer an organized service controlled by our partners, focused on complying with specific needs applying a criterion of optimization of results.

• In order to offer high-quality professional services, we have adopted a culture driven by the pursuit of excellence: enjoying our work as best as we can and acting always anticipating the needs and problems our clients may have.

• A professional qualified team of Public Accountants, Lawyers and Economists who develop their work and are constantly being trained. Our team of more than 100 professional experts is committed to continuously searching alternatives and making intelligent analyses to use their conclusions in their daily practice.

The following distinctive elements and qualities that support our broad experience need to be listed:

• Timely providing practical solutions;

• Quickly solving any request made by clients;

• Maintaining a kind relation to enable effective communication;

• Professional ethics;

• Keeping a fluent relation to develop objectives in the best way.

Providing effective and reliable solutions of the highest professional quality.

Achieving our mission with integrity and respecting the individuality of our professional staff.

• We deeply believe that the key to create a truly reliable professional firm depends on the values that guide the members of the working group. The following are our core values:

• Loyalty towards our commitments. We render more services than the ones we agree to provide.

• Provision of answers without any delay. We feel the need to address any issue related to our clients as soon as possible.

• Request of complete honesty and integrity in everything we do.

• Belief in our work as a very important part of our lives and as something that must be carried out joyfully.

• Engaging in competence, which we believe brings out our best competencies.

• Insist on always making the best effort.

• Not accepting mistakes committed due to procrastination or lack of sufficient effort.

• Respect towards individualities. We believe that when people are treated with respect and are assigned responsibilities, they act the best they can.

• Clearly understanding our mission, our core values and what we expect from each of our members is key to succeed.