Project Description

In the framework of the 9th Latin American Regional Meeting organized by the International Fiscal Association (IFA), which took place in Buenos Aires between May 31 and June 2 and brought together more than 530 participants, Valeria D’Alessandro participated as coordinator of the Seminar on resolution of tax cases by application of international non-tax agreements. The panel – which was developed in Moot Court format – was attended by recognized Latin American exhibitors – among them Andrea Moya, Maria Celina Valls, Juan David Velazco, Francisco Moreira, Sandra Vázquez Agramont, Luciana Yañez Salgado and Luis Flávio Néto- who put themselves in the roles of judge, taxpayer, and treasury to represent the simulation of trial (in the case chosen, a treaty of promotion and reciprocal protection of investments).  Andrea Vanesa Falgares Campos, member of the GSHR Legal and Tax Department, also collaborated with the panel.